The Hospital has changed since the assassin update please check out the improvements for yourselves.


  • After the addition of Hospital, the Haunted House never appeared in the vote map selections, making rumors that it was deleted. It may be deleted or the disappearance of this map may be caused by a bug.
  • Loleris, the creator of The Mad Murderer, can be seen in a surgery room unconsious. It has 2 knives on his side, making thoughts Loleris was stabbed and was taken to the hospital. Nikilis was probably playing on Loleris after he copied Nikilis' game.
  • In the one room, on the computer you can view a decal of the website on the game Murder, another copied game from Murder Mystery
  • A hint to hide from the Murderer is to hide in the operation rooms
  • It if common for the sheriff to hide in the waiting room.
  • In spectator mode you can zoom out and view the roof to view that it is really bigger then the building
  • Often the Murderer spawns where Loleris is on a bed