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Players cannot collect coins during any of these rounds. There is a time limit on everything except for hot potato.

Hot Potato:

Hot potato is a hot and intense round where someone is equipped with a gun (gun skin varies between user; user buys skin in shop). The player has to quickly shoot someone before the gun explodes and kills them. If the gun explodes, the player that is equipped with a gun explodes and loses the round, and the gun goes on to someone else. This process repeats until there is only one man standing (there is a time limit).


Massacre is a round where everyone is murderer. All special abilities are removed and players must survive. Last person standing wins (there is a time limit). If the last two kill each other at the same time, the message will come up with "No one wins".


The Juggernaut round is a round where there is only one murderer against sheriffs. The murderer has more health and doesn't die on a one-hit-kill. The goal for the murderer is to kill all the sheriffs without dying. You have a health bar above you that everyone can see, so your identity isn't a secret! If the time runs out, and the juggernaut is still alive, they win.


Infection is a round where there are two groups of people. Sheriffs, and Zombies. Zombies spawn with a knife they cannot throw. They cannot jump, making it very hard. When they slash at a sheriff, if they hit, the sheriff becomes a zombie. Sheriffs converted in to zombies have one life, but zombies that start as zombies have infinite lives, they just respawn away from everyone. Sheriffs spawn with a gun, and they can jump. The goal for the sheriffs is to keep the zombies at bay, as the zombies have multiple lives. The goal for the zombies is to convert all of the sheriffs. There is a time limit.

Wild West:

Wild west is a round where everyone is the sheriff. There are two teams, the reds and the blues. Blues must eradicate all the reds before time runs out. Reds must kill all blues before time runs out. Basic rules apply, such as 1 life, one hit, unlike Juggernaut. There is a time limit.