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Innocents is a normal character in Murder Mystery.8 out of 10 players will be Inncoents.Inncoents have to avoid the murderer and collect coins(players choice).He or She will need to survive for 3 minutes.Innocents will need to find a good hiding spot or stay near a sherrif.


Hero is a character in Murder Mystery 2.Hero is also known as Emergancy Sherrif.Any Innocents can be a hero if the sherrif dies.The goal is to kill the murderer same like sherrif.That depends if the players brave enough too be a hero.

How to be a Hero

  1. Try to stay near a sherrif but beware of the murderer
  2. Try to remember its avatar like shirts he wear or his apperance.
  3. If the sherrif dies.Walk through him to get the gun.
  4. Now find and kill the murderer.

Finding a good hiding spot.

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  • If the Innocent dies,they could spetacte other alive players including sherrif and murderer.This also include the sherrif when killed