The Murderer

The Murderer picture in Murder Mystery's Lobby.


Can someone give me a godly?


The Murderer's job is to stealthfully kill everyone else on the map using his knife. He should make sure to only pull out his knife when he's in proximity of only 1 or 2 people, or the rest of the server will see him and alert eveyone else who the murderer is. The murderer must also avoid pulling out his knife while near the sheriff or he could shoot him. It is wise to sneak up behind the sheriff instead of attacking him head-on.


The Murderer carries a knife, which he/she uses for either melee (by stabbing with it) or range (by throwing it).


  • The Sheriff is not sneaky
  • The Murderer cant blend with the innocents until he/she will kill an innocent within another innocents sight alerting the others even the sheriff.
  • VERY IMPORTANT people in game can try to fool you by stating they're not sheriffs but some are serious.
  • alert others with its clinking sound so its best not to wield until in contact of loners or the Sheriff.
  • The Sheriff can be fooled in these ways
  • = "Iguyz em inno, saying "OMFG [Papa Louie] IS MURDERER I SAW KNIFE ITS NOT A PROMISE OKEY?????
  • saying "(color of somebody's name that is not the murderer) is the murderer" which causes the sheriff to lose gun and die.
  • No.
  • Acting like a regular person near the Sheriff.
  • Every knife bought in the shop has amazing effects such as invisibility time addition bonus or speed per kill and each one has a unique design like the gun (with the exception of new sounds)
  • When the murderer dies it ends the match.
  • As a Murderer keep a lookout on your timer, when it reaches zero you lose and the innocent will win.
  • To throw the knife, just hold and release.
  • This trivia is useless its only for the original version of the game so dont bother
  • u can tell if person is murderer is when they follow u